How to Get a Custom Domain Email Address Using Gmail

Having an email address for your business is essential. We all know this. I’m sure it’s one of the first things you did after coming up with your business name. You headed to Google and created But having a custom domain email address will elevate your business to new heights. And getting that level of professionalism is easier (and more important) than you think.

Having a  custom domain  email address will elevate your business to new heights—and getting that level of professionalism is easier (and more important) than you think.

Here’s the thing: Who would you order from the next time you have a craving for Chinese take-out: or The custom domain email address tells me that China King knows what they’re doing and are big enough to have their operations down to a science. I feel confident that my order is going to be processed seamlessly through their website and delivered to my door on time. This is not some hobby for China King, this is their business and they take Chinese food seriously.

Yes, a custom domain email address will cost you money every month, but would you pay $5 per month for your business to be taken seriously? That’s only $60 per year. Tell me, how much did you pay for those custom branded business cards of yours? You know, the ones with the gold foil and edge painting that sit beautifully on your desk. How many of those do you hand out per year? Now consider how many people see your email address? I’ll answer for you . . . pretty much everyone in the whole wide world!

Your email address is one of the biggest elements of branding that is often overlooked. So let’s fix that today and elevate your business to King status. It’ll be painless, I promise!



  1. First, you must own your custom domain name. I purchased mine from

  2. Visit G Suite, Google’s collection of online office tools.

  3. Choose which subscription level is right for you. If you are the only person in your business that needs an email address, Basic should be just fine. For businesses that have multiple people needing email addresses, you may need to choose one of the other options.

    If you run your business solo, but want multiple email addresses like,, and, still choose Basic. I’ll explain a way to create multiple (free) email addresses for one user later in this post.

    If you are unsure as to how many email addresses you want/need, choose Basic. You can always upgrade later.

    Click “GET STARTED” and then enter your information in the steps that follow in order to create your account.

  4. Once your G Suite account has been created, click “CONTINUE TO SETUP.”

  5. Click “Add people to your G Suite account.”

    If you need email addresses for more than just yourself, add users here. This would be other people that need accounts, not other email addresses that you would be checking yourself. Each user is $5 per month.

    If you have no other users to enter, click “I added all user email addresses.”

  6. Next you need to verify your domain. The easiest way to do this, in my opinion, is to “Verify by adding a meta tag.” Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Just follow the instructions Google provides on screen.

    Once you have added the meta tag to your site, check the box for “I added the meta tag to my homepage.”


That’s it! You now have a custom domain email address. Give your professional-self a pat on the back and go conquer the world.



To me, this next step is even more exciting than getting the initial custom domain email address. I think it’s because I feel like I am getting more accounts for free and somehow tricking the system. But I’m not. It’s totally legit and Google even walks you through the process here. I’ll also explain below.

Most small business owners wear many hats . . . or all the hats. I know I do. I’m the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the customer service representative, etc. The list goes on and on.

While I may perform all of the tasks associated with online orders and customer service, I don’t necessarily want my personal email address to be associated with these tasks and listed on my website.

Plus, having task-oriented email addresses for your customer-facing interactions provides a clearer, more simple way to communicate. For example, I’m sure is a lovely woman and would be super helpful to me, but emailing makes it more clear that I will be getting assistance from someone at the other end. Or if my order is delivered without the eggrolls I requested, it’s more intuitive to email to ask for a refund.

So, how do you create these alternate email addresses without having to pay for more users? You create aliases. Aliases in Gmail are alternate email addresses for a single user. Here’s how to set them up:

  1. Go to your Google Admin Console (

  2. Click on “Users”.

  3. Click your name to go to your account page.

  4. On your user account page, click on the “Account” section.

  5. Scroll to the Aliases section and click “Add an alias.”

  6. Enter an alternate user name (the part of the address that appears before the @ sign).

    Note: You can’t create an alias currently assigned to someone else, either as a primary address or alias.

  7. Click “Save Changes.”

Within 24 hours (or sooner), you will begin to receive email sent to this address. It will appear in your inbox along with messages sent to your user email address.

You can also send mail with the alias address in the From field by setting up a custom From address in Gmail. For more information on how to do that click here.

Creating multiple email addresses for yourself all within your custom domain will is one of the easiest and most essential pieces to setting up your business. Not only will you look more professional, but you will feel more professional too.