Expert Advice on Listing Holidays the Right Way in Your Planner Design

The Ultimate Holiday Guide is here! My editorial first mate, Sarah, and I have taken our expert advice on listing holidays the right way in your planner design and compiled it all into this info-packed guide. We know that by applying the information you learn in this guide, your planner will be in better shape than most—saving us hours of proofreading time. That’s why we’re offering you a special bonus of 15% off our proofreading services with every purchase!

Trust us, if you are a day planner designer, you need this guide. Read on for more details.

Save yourself from the fear (and embarrassment) of selling a planner with mistakes in it. Get the Copper Bottom Design Holiday Guide today!


When creating your day planner, you probably didn’t put a whole lot of thought into which holidays to include. I know I didn’t in the beginning. The design is most often our main focus—and I am totally on board with that. A beautiful, clean, and simple design will sell well in any niche market, but just as much thought should be put into the content.

Day planners are the lifeline by which we plan our days, weeks, months, and years. Of course we want the design to be pretty, but more importantly the content needs to be correct. Beauty is subjective but facts are facts. And factual information, like dates, holidays, and religious observances are crucial to the function of your planner.

The dates are easy to figure out, it’s the holidays that trip most people up. Through the years we have seen countless mistakes in how our clients list holidays, observances, seasons, and clock changes. There are some errors we see time and again in practically every single planner we proof. This 17 page guide will take you through those common errors, saving you the cost of paying for extra hours of proofreading time!


The Ultimate Holiday Guide provides in-depth information on how to broaden your market (include more than just US holidays—hint, hint), practical information on being consistent, common misspellings, grammar mistakes, and multiple holiday names are discussed.

We even include our holiday list to use as a guide in learning how to be more creative within your own planner. And we don’t mess around—we went to the ends of the earth* to research over 90 major holidays and observances celebrated around the globe in order to save you hours of googling. Simply copy the dates into your own planner designs and launch your product with confidence.

*OK, maybe we didn't actually GO to the ends of the earth, but we did call, Facetime, and write to our friends far and wide (Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, the UK, and Canada) to make sure our dates were listed correctly. Saving you the worry of publishing embarrassing errors in your planner.


Save yourself from the fear (and embarrassment) of selling a planner with mistakes in it. Shop our Holiday Guides today!