Heather Harris, of Copper Bottom Design, offers coaching for stationery businesses looking to expand their lines and increase their profits.



When it comes to helping you grow your stationery business, we are fully onboard. Need a coach with years of design experience? Want to learn how to get started in the day planner business? Our coaching services are fully customizable to fit your needs. Every voyage is different, and we look forward to getting yours under way.


One Hour Phone Sessions — Your strategy session will be tailored to fit your needs. Topics can include art direction, planning and scheduling for your business, how to get started, product development and product line expansion, or other personalized business solutions.

One Month E-mail Session — Each week we will cover a different topic to help you get started with your business. Topics include defining your ideal customer, your product design and construction, production timelines, marketing, and selling wholesale vs. retail. You will receive homework prompts each week to help you make educated and intentional decisions for your business. This service includes unlimited e-mail access for all of your questions. E-mails will be answered weekdays within 48 hours.

Pricing: $150 for hourly sessions and $625 for monthly sessions.

Overseas Production Coaching —Since 2004, we’ve taken the helm of all logistics involved in the overseas production of day planners and desk products—saving our clients time, money, and stress along the way. This service is designed to guide you through the entire manufacturing process—from price quote to final delivery. This personalized one-on-one service caters to small business owners just like you, giving you more control over the growth of your business. By teaching you the process with our hands-on approach, we are giving you the tools and resources you need to handle reprints on your own with confidence—or to start reaching out to new overseas vendors in different product categories. Once you learn the ropes, your options are endless!

Timeline: about 6 months depending on project details
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Copper Bottom Design offers coaching for stationery businesses like Emily Ley and are a preferred vendor of the EL Playbook.


Imagine a day when your business runs as a well oiled machine. You meet every release date with a selection of products that perfectly round out your line. You walk into the Javits Center with the confidence that comes from knowing you completed every task you wanted before opening day of #NSS. It feels great doesn’t it? We can get you to that day. We will create a custom schedule for your business which includes future product launch dates for retail and/or wholesale business models and the deadlines for all steps necessary to get there. This invaluable guide will chart your path as you grow and expand your product line years into the future.

Timeline: 1–2 weeks
Pricing: $750 for a custom in-house schedule.