Heather Harris tells the story of launching Copper Bottom Design, her new business that helps growing stationery companies expand their product lines with day planners, desk products, and more.

We all have a collection of journeys and jaunts in the great big voyage of life. Some we navigate simultaneously, some back-to-back, and others are more like a series of sprints. It’s taken me a long time to get to the point of launching Copper Bottom Design Co. It’s been one of my life’s greatest journeys. How did I land here?

Here’s the story.



Throughout my career as a graphic designer, I’ve always created products for other people – clients, my boss, friends, and family members. I got to a point where I was burnt out. I wasn’t feeling like I could express myself creatively. Always restricted to the guidelines of someone else’s style or brand. I wanted to create products for myself. So I did — for like, three minutes.

Turns out, creating products on my own was lonely and not at all like I had imagined it to be. It was a very independent experience that I knew I would not be able to sustain. I am a collaborator, and working alone was not going to make me happy for the long haul. I like helping people too much.

So I stepped back and took a look at my career. What did I enjoy most about my past experiences? The answer was clear. I enjoy creating stationery products. All of them. Not just cards or day planners, but home organizational tools and desk products, too. It’s the most intricate projects that make me happiest. I love to work a puzzle. I completely geek out when creating products with pockets, magnetic closures, or specific packaging requirements.

It took a while for me to accept that I should be growing a services business, not my own product line. The dream to have my own product line is still there, but my true passion is helping people. I am a serial volunteer and always put more energy into other people’s projects than my own. So this is a completely natural evolution for me. All I needed to do was expand upon what I have been doing for the past twelve years and offer my design, proofreading, and production services to more than one brand — and Copper Bottom Design Co. was born.

The term copper-bottomed means to be trustworthy, reliable, and certain to succeed (source). I couldn’t find a better foundation to build a business on. Plus, as a sailor’s daughter, the term’s nautical origins are close to my heart. Copper Bottom Design is the perfect combination of what I strive for in business and what I live every day.

My team of editors and I are so excited for this new journey and cannot wait to help you create the products of your dreams. Welcome aboard!



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