Learn about manufacturing your stationery products in China from the experts at Copper Bottom Design.



Looking to get your products manufactured in China? Congratulations! We know how far you’ve come to arrive at this next big step, and we’re here to help you navigate the journey ahead.

Since 2004, we’ve taken the helm of all logistics involved in the overseas production of day planners and desk products—saving our clients time, money, and stress along the way.

Our new Overseas Production Coaching service is designed to guide you through the entire production process—from price quote to final delivery. This personalized one-on-one service caters to small business owners just like you, giving you more control over the growth of your business. By teaching you the process with our hands-on approach, we are giving you the tools and resources you need to handle reprints on your own with confidence—or to start reaching out to new vendors in different product categories. Once you learn the ropes, your options are endless!

Timeline: 3–6 months depending on project details
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Printing and manufacturing in China, 6 things you need to know before taking the plunge by Copper Bottom Design.


Learn the ins and outs of manufacturing stationery products in China from a new course by Copper Bottom Design Co.

We’ve got something very special in the works . . . in the fall of 2018, we’re going to help you learn the ropes of overseas manufacturing in our first online class!

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Hire a Shipping Broker: An international freight forwarder (shipping/customs broker) will handle all of your shipping and importing logistics. They do not physically move the goods themselves, but act as a project manager linking the manufacturer, cargo carrier, customs, and you. This is a professional you want on your side. Our friends at CargoTrans will expertly handle your shipments from door-to-door.

Get Familiar with Antidumping Laws: As defined by Merriam-Webster, antidumping is a duty imposed by the US government “designed to discourage the importation and sale of foreign goods at prices well below domestic prices.” Duties are imposed on several stationery products imported from China.