Don't let embarrassing mistakes get printed in your planner. Turn to the editors at Copper Bottom Design, they are experts in planner proofreading.



The beauty of print is that it’s everlasting. All the more reason to get every line, letter, and date in your planner just right. Our team of editors has been proofreading planners together since 2010, saving thousands of mistakes from being immortalized on paper. Yes, we’re being a little dramatic, but we take day planner design very seriously. It’s not only a reflection of your brand, but the lifeline by which customers plan their days, weeks, months, and years. Which is why we provide at least two review passes with our extensive checklist for each project, and even more rounds when necessary.


Quotes — Fact-check all quotes against at least three reliable sources to ensure accuracy

Dates — Verify all dates, holidays, and events against at least two reliable sources to ensure accuracy

Grammar — Check all text for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Spacing and Alignment — Check for consistency in line and letter spacing, as well as text alignment

Graphic Elements — Check for consistency in all graphical elements such as “dinner” icons, check boxes, and use of color

Fact-check — Verify ISBNs, copyright info, websites, toll-free numbers, and/or social media handles for accuracy

Tabs — Check tab placement for consistency and accuracy

Consistency — Check for consistency across multiple products in a collection

Timeline: 1–2 weeks for each round of proofreading
Pricing: $500+ for undated planners and $800+ for dated planners.