Why You Need an Editor, Not Just a Proofreader, for Your Planner Design Files

So you have the perfect product—a beautiful day planner you know will revolutionize the way we plan our days. You have it all planned out; it’s gorgeous. But have you considered hiring an editor or proofreader for your planner design? How do you know your dates are correct? Are you sure you have the right day of the week listed for each calendar day? Have you properly credited all of your favorite quotes? Do you have a set list of holidays? Is the format of your holidays consistent across monthly, weekly, and list formats? Do you actually need an editor to figure it all out?

Yes! Trust me. You need an editor, not just a proofreader, for your planner design files before they to print. Let me explain why.

Editing is money well spent. Your products are a reflection of your brand and ultimately you. Avoid embarrassing mistakes and make sure you look your best by hiring a proofreader for your planner design files before they go to print.



If it has text, it has to be checked. During our first pass we read through your planner and will fix any typos and make sure all of your headers, calendar templates, numbering, symbols, line weights, column spacing, etc. are consistent. Then we will fact check everything—this is important. We check every date on the calendar, every holiday, every website you list against hard data. If you have quotes we check them, too. And we don’t just google it. We find the author’s official website, find the quote in a reference book such as Bartlett’s Quotations, or verify the quote against multiple web sources. Basically, we look for every tiny technical error and the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know!



We use the Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's 11th dictionary as the basis of our style for your text. But, we also work with you to create your own style sheet. If you will lowercase month names, we make sure that’s noted and styled consistently. Do you list Jewish holidays? Would you like them listed on the day they start at sundown or do you prefer to list them on the first full day? We note that too.



After the edits have been approved by you and input into your planner pages we proofread again by taking the marked-up planner pages and comparing it line by line to the new cleaned-up version to be sure every correction has been made and new errors haven’t been introduced. Nobody’s perfect and even with years of experience, editors make mistakes. In fact, we will use a different proofreader to check the file to make sure the first reader didn’t miss anything (using our style sheet to make sure new errors aren’t introduced). If you have more than one planner in your series, we will make sure corrections will be made across books as applicable.


Editing is money well spent. Your products are a reflection of your brand and ultimately you. We’ll make sure you look your best!


Saving thousands of mistakes from being immortalized on paper.