I’ve answered the most common questions below.
Can’t find your answer? Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

Are you booking new clients?
Yes! Please look at my planner design page or my coaching page to learn more about the process and pricing. When you’re ready to book, send me an email. I can’t wait to make your product dreams come true!

Can you help me get my planner printed in the US?
While I’d love to see more American made planners in the world, I am not accepting coaching clients for domestic manufacturing at this time.

How do payments work?
I offer payment plans for most of my services and accept all major credit cards and PayPal. All services will be invoiced via email and are payable online.

Can you give me feedback on my planner design?
Sure! Click here to schedule a one-hour coaching call. Once you purchase your session, you’ll receive a link to my calendar to book a time that works best for you.

Who will own the rights to files and products created during services?
You! You’ll have exclusive ownership of final print files, copyrightable works, ideas, and products developed during our time together.

Do you have advice on how to ship and import goods from China?
Yes! My best advice is to hire a professional. My friends at CargoTrans are experts in overseas shipping. I use them for all of my ocean and air shipments from China.



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